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Smart City Solutions / Roadway data analysis

Header: Roadway data analysis

Subhead: Metrolla’s data processing tools give you more and better data for planning and analysis

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While standard traffic counts may provide enough data to justify a new project, most data collection tools don’t provide detailed enough information to show how potential and implemented projects change traffic patterns at a granular level. With Metrolla’s ability to monitor and combine your camera, LIDAR, and other sensor feeds, you can get 24-hour, 7-days a week detailed information on things like sensor performance and complex street events including object identification, trajectory mapping, jaywalking, near-miss collisions, center line incursions and wrong-way driving. 

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Case study: MidSouth Traffic

MidSouth Traffic needed to analyze the impact of new paint striping on the Natchez Trace roadway. Metrolla was brought in to analyze previously collected data and identified significant sensor performance gaps. Now the analysis is underway with reliable and monitored data collection for center line intrusion, speeding, and other safety factors. 

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Smart City Solutions / Pedestrian safety

Header: Pedestrian and vulnerable road user safety

Subhead: Metrolla’s real-time data processing makes it possible to warn vulnerable road users and drivers and increase safety

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Pedestrian fatalities have increased 19% in just 3 years ( Yet local traffic engineers have few tools, other than expensive and slow-to-build street reconfigurations, to address this disturbing trend. Metrolla’s tools give traffic engineers an affordable, easy to implement way to make intersections safer.

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Case Study: Bellevue,  WA

The City of Bellevue wanted to analyze detailed traffic information about a key problem intersection to protect pedestrians and cyclists. Metrolla installed hardware that processed existing camera data, and developed a proprietary algorithm for the location.  The work allows the city to gain visibility on erratic-driving based near-miss detection at the intersection of NE 8th and 112th ST where a 5-way intersection meets an on and off-ramp, an unprotected turn lane, and multiple bicycle lanes. Metrolla does this by measuring the trajectory and velocity patterns over time. From this info, hidden issues that cause sudden changes in pattern behaviors can be uncovered. Developed in partnership with T-mobile.

“We have zero visibility into our city. We don’t

understand traffic or pedestrian patterns, we only know

we have recurring issues at these locations”

Smart City Solutions / Roadway worker safety

Header: Roadway worker safety

Subhead: Use portable wireless technology to keep construction teams safe.

Body text:  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 762 fatal crashes in work zones in the United States in 2019 alone, resulting in 842 fatalities. With significant new funding coming online for more infrastructure projects, there will be more construction personnel put in harm’s way. Metrolla’s off-grid, trailer-based sensor system can be placed in any location and can use predictive analytics to warn workers and drivers when safety zones are at risk.

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Products / Datablade

The Metrolla® DataBlade™ is a sensor ingestion device that sits on a light pole or other on-site location. It revolutionizes roadway data management through seamless automation, alerting, and cross-device communication based on real-time sensor data. It can be programmed with custom algorithms to address your specific safety and data needs. The Datablade can support up to 4 cameras, radar, and one LIDAR sensor.  

What it can track:


Products / SafeWorkZone

Portable Safe Work Zone System

Metrolla’s real-time sensor system, mounted on a moveable trailer designed to be used on construction sites and in temporary data collection and safety locations. The Portable Safe Zone System contains a Metrolla DataBlade, along with self-powering solar array, battery, and data transmission systems, and can be linked to local signage and other warning systems for drivers and roadway workers. 

What it can track:


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Products / Dashboard, SaaS and analytics

All Metrolla implementations come with associated software management tools. Whenever you have deployed a DataBlade or Safe Work Zone system, you have 24/7 cloud-based access to the collected data through a dashboard.  This facilitates remote monitoring, ensuring sensors are functioning properly, and responsive decision-making. Additionally, you are able to port Metrolla’s data feeds to other systems or analytics tools through standardized or custom integrations.

In addition to Metrolla’s equipment-based dashboard, pilot users are invited to participate in the development of Metrolla SaaS, a powerful software-only solution for seamless one-to-one video feed processing. This innovative offering eliminates the need for on-site hardware infrastructure, allowing organizations to leverage advanced software benefits. Metrolla® SaaS ingests any web-available video feed, providing analytics tools without the need for on-site hardware.  While this removes the ability for Metrolla to offer the real-time safety benefits available through DataBlade and Safe Work Zone System deployments, organizations are able to understand and analyze camera and sensor data remotely using proprietary algorithms for post-even analysis.