Improved data for assessing and validating issues with rail infrastructure.

remote areas are complex to manage, Metrolla can simplify this for you.

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Increased Safety

Enhanced RailOps

Unlock Remote Data

Better Decision Making power


Metrolla’s patented technology creates situational awareness and information wirelessly, enabling stakeholders to make better decisions with data collected from existing infrastructure.

Metrolla brings intelligence to infrastructure to help measure, analyze, and report on potential issues allowing operations stakeholders to focus on whats most important..

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Enhancing Road Safety through AI-Powered  

Applied AI/ML

Through the use of specialized Machine Learning and computer vision algorithms, we can create a variety of data points that are useful to stakeholders and increase the safety and optimize maintenance on Rail.

Deliver Actionable Insight

Stakeholders use this information via the Metrolla dashboard to save them time and money by allowing them to focus on the problem areas rather than rely on guesswork and reporting that comes too late to make a difference.

Automate Awareness

Automated alerts and reporting are created and delivered to stakeholders to address the trends that are effectively invisible to the customer. Road and rail users can increase awareness and safety through the use of automated alerting via C-V2X roadside units, digital signage units, connected rail, or connected apps.

How The Metrolla Edge Works

Benefits and Features

    • Increased safety and awareness
    • Lower maintenance and repairs
    • Easily access remote location info
    • Realtime area visibility and reporting
    • Real-time Metrics and Automated Alerts
    • Automate local infrastructure from observations  
    • Natively anonymized data from existing cameras or new installs
    • Get classifications of items on your rail like people, bikes, cars, animals, and other obstructions
    • Uncover hard-to-see issues like near-misses and short duration intrusions
    • Simultaneously alert stakeholders and rail operators of dangerous conditions 
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    How Alerting Automation and
    System Integration Works

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