Protect any roadway with real-time, wireless sensor data processing.

Roadways are complex places. Metrolla’s wireless, real-time sensor data processing helps stakeholders understand risk and protect all road users, anywhere.

Better data to evaluate and justify traffic infrastructure upgrades.

Standard traffic counts may provide enough data to support a new infrastructure project, but most data collection tools don’t provide detailed enough data to show how implemented projects change traffic patterns and risk. With Metrolla’s on-site mobile LIDAR and camera processing tools and advanced software you can get 24-hour, detailed data on:

  • Jaywalking
  • Near-Miss Collisions
  • Center Line Incursions
  • Wrong-Way Driving
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Real-time predictive analytics to keep pedestrians and workers safe.

Metrolla’s DataBlade can be installed at intersections to detect potential harms and trigger crosswalk lights or messages to drivers. Metrolla’s off-grid, trailer-based WorkZone Instruction System can be placed in any location and uses predictive analytics to warn workers and drivers when safety zones are at risk.

The system can:

  • Predict when drivers are heading towards vulnerable road users
  • Track when workers are outside of construction safety zones
  • See pedestrians and bikes that are at risk
  • Trigger warnings in real time to keep people safe
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On-site, portable, wireless data processing hardware and software

Metrolla™ allows for real-time, 24-hour data through a combination of its  hardware, advanced patented software, and algorithms.

  • Get more from your existing camera infrastructure
  • Upgrade what you can do with on-site data processing
  • Go beyond static implementations
  • Send data where you need it


Metrolla’s DataBlade technology connects to existing or new cameras and/or LIDAR sensors.

The DataBlade uses Metrolla’s software to collect and analyze data in real time, based on the custom parameters and needs for that particular location and product. DataBlade can be moved from place to place.

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Safe WorkZone System

For truly mobile sensing, use the trailer-based, off-grid Safe WorkZone System anywhere.

It contains a DataBlade that connects to LIDAR/camera/radar sensors, a battery and a solar panel for charging.

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Whether or not you use Metrolla’s hardware, you can connect web-based sensor feeds to our software to access a customized dashboard where data can be monitored, downloaded, and analyzed.

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