Welcome to Metrolla

Metrolla is a hardware and software technology company based in the Pacific Northwest, providing tools and services to the public and private sectors.

Metrolla was founded in 2020 by Adam Szablya, an expert in data for autonomous vehicles and smart city infrastructure. Having been part of teams developing data infrastructures and cloud networks to support self-driving semi trucks, Adam realized the need for ground-based, vehicle-agnostic data collection systems using the same level of sophistication and data quality used by autonomous vehicles.

Adam created both the hardware and software required for Metrolla’s ground-based, wireless, real-time data analysis tools based on his deep understanding of LIDAR and computer vision systems. Advisors and Board Members include experts on GTM strategy, SaaS software businesses and transportation/ public sector technology.

Metrolla’s technology exists within a robust partner ecosystem which includes:

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