Roadway data analysis

Metrolla’s data processing tools give you more and better data for planning and analysis

While standard traffic counts may provide enough data to justify a new project, most data collection tools don’t provide detailed enough information to show how potential and implemented projects change traffic patterns at a granular level. With Metrolla’s ability to monitor and combine your camera, LIDAR, and other sensor feeds, you can get 24-hour, 7-days a week detailed information on things like sensor performance and complex street events including object identification, trajectory mapping, jaywalking, near-miss collisions, center line incursions and wrong-way driving.

  • Document the need for infrastructure improvements
  • Ensure your sensors and cameras are working as expected
  • Understand whether temporary or permanent improvements are having the impact you expected
  • Get information on how to fine-tune and improve new initiatives
  • Justify future funding
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WSP / MidSouth Traffic

WSP / MidSouth Traffic needed to analyze the impact of new paint striping on the Natchez Trace roadway. Metrolla was brought in to analyze previously collected data and identified significant sensor performance gaps. Now the analysis is underway with reliable and monitored data collection for center line intrusion, speeding, and other safety factors.