Pedestrian and vulnerable road user safety

Metrolla’s real-time data processing makes it possible to warn vulnerable road users and drivers and increase safety

Pedestrian fatalities have increased 19% in just 3 years ( Yet local traffic engineers have few tools, other than expensive and slow-to-build street reconfigurations, to address this disturbing trend. Metrolla’s tools give traffic engineers an affordable, easy to implement way to make intersections safer.

  • Document the need for infrastructure improvements
  • Ensure your sensors and cameras are working as expected
  • Understand whether temporary or permanent improvements are having the impact you expected
  • Get information on how to fine-tune and improve new initiatives
  • Justify future funding
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Bellevue,  WA

The City of Bellevue wanted to analyze detailed traffic information about a key problem intersection to protect pedestrians and cyclists. Metrolla installed hardware that processed existing camera data, and developed a proprietary algorithm for the location.  The work allows the city to gain visibility on erratic-driving based near-miss detection at a key intersection. Developed in partnership with T-mobile.

“We have zero visibility into our city. We don’t understand traffic or pedestrian patterns, we only know we have recurring issues at these locations.” Metrolla helps you understand and plan to resolve traffic safety challenges.